Plumbing In Melbourne

A Plumber’s Dream

Not many people realize it, but being a tradesman in Melbourne makes you instantly one of the highest and best-paid tradesmen in not only Melbourne – but the whole of Australia!

Choosing the right specialty


Now that we’re aware that plumbing is an extremely lucrative profession, we should also consider that there are what we call ‘sub-categories’ inside a plumber’s career that can prove to yield more cash benefits than just the average all around worker.

You might think that being an all arounder is a better route – but I assure you it is most definitely not.

Let’s take a look at some sub-categories.

Sub Categories

Storm Wanter Roof Drainage

This involves what is known as ‘roof-plumbing’. Anything that involves water on the roof, you’re the go-to guy. This also includes gutters and stormwater drains

Blocked Drains

This is, in my opinion, the most lucrative activity that one can take up. Keep in mind, the equipment to check and analyze blocked drains costs around $30,000. I’m talking about drainage cameras, here.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

The real renovation money comes from getting government contracts and getting work within big established companies.

Other Rich Tradesman

Funnily enough – the second richest tradesman in Australia is also plumbers! But this time, they’re the ones in Gold Coast! Apparently, they rake in approx $90 an hour.



Anyway. This obviously doesn’t include specialties – so you could imagine how much Pipe-fitting and roof works could make a worker even within a few months. No wonder so many workers take long and much needed holidays.


Should You Learn A Building Trade?


A Tap In Melbourne Well, look at it this way – you have two options. You could become a builder, and work for yourself and earn quite a pretty penny, or, you could work in an office. No blocked drains, no smelly sewerage, no water and no kitchen renovations.

But at what cost? Your freedom? Is it really worth it? Personally, I don’t believe so. I believe that becoming a pipe-fitter is a great feat and should be done by everyone.

Talk soon!

Some More Info On Pipe-Fitters

A Flowing Tap

We should also look deeper into the life of a plumber. Sure, they have the ability to accumulate loads of money in shorts amount of time depending on their jobs. But they also have to spend years in training, as well as invest tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands on their gear.

Many of these plumbers sometimes regret their chosen trade and instead opt to run a business instead of being ‘a man on the ground’ so to speak. However, this is easier said than done. When you include the following aspects of running a plumbing business:

  • Cash flow
  • Plumbing gear
  • Hiring pipe-fitters
  • Much much more

Many ex-pipe-fitters end up being more stressed out whilst running a business as they now have to deal with customers, pay employees, pay attention to plumbing regulation and literally hundreds of other Melbourne based laws that regulate the building industry.


So we hope this article has helped you understand exactly what type of plumbing work that Melbourne plumber undergo, as well as what type o work you can hire a builder to perform on your home. we always

A Working Urinal

recommend contacting many businesses to ensure that you find a builder that has a reasonable price and who you bond with.

So take this plumbing advice with a grain of salt, common sense comes into play when hiring a worker to perform physical tasks in your home. So be sure to absolutely be certain before you sign any building related paperwork on your property. regardless of whether it is commercial or domestic.


So until next time


~ The Melbourne plumbing club