What Can Plumbers Do For You?

You might know plumbers best for their common work unblocking drains and fixing leaks. But as it happens, they’re capable of so much more!

Plumbers can add fixtures, fix your gas heating and most importantly – save you thousands of dollars.


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Plumbers are also the people who work the closest with architects. Let me explain. When a new building is in its preparation stage. An architect is able to design the walls, ceilings, and floors. And then, various builders come in and make this plan come to life. However, this is not so when it comes to plumbing. A plumber¬†from Bayside Plumbing Melbourne comes in and says “okay, we need to expand this wall to make way for this and this and etc…”. So, to avoid necessary last minute changes, the architect works with the plumber from day 1.



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In the market for a new shower and/or shower head? Whether you’re purchasing an entirely new shower system with or without the head, you need to read this article!



Martin Smart has written this article to show exactly what to look for when looking at purchasing a new shower. Whether it’s what to inspect, what to pay or what you should know about the brand, Martin has got you covered, so stay tuned!

The first thing to take notice of is this: looks don’t and shouldn’t matter! Ever notice how much attention you pay to what your shower head looks like? How about the shapes of the fans in your house? The faucets? You may take heed in picking something flash looking, but know this – the fancier it looks, the more likely it is to not be a strong and hot head – according to Martin, anyway.

We supply tools and materials to places like Bayside Plumbing Melbourne, and various other companies.


How to determine what shower you need

So, let’s get down to it. You’re here because you need to know what the best shower head is for you. Cost effective, shower effective… Just effective in general!

To determine what shower you need in 2017, you first must assess your system in the house that pumps the water inside your abode.

Perhaps you own a hot water tank outside of your house, or maybe in the loft. What size is that tank? how strong is the pressure pump that is powering that tank and what type of pressure pump is that?

This all adds up!

You should also know that valves constructed of backwater protest fixtures and open drainages that are normally installed using below grade measures. They are normally installed in basements, roofs, garages and much more! these are used for stormwater drain pipeage. These are used to transfer water to your shower head and provide you with hot water!

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